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Mega Sports Camp 2018

July 23rd - July 27th, 2018

$0 - $15

Mega Sports Camp is a week long sports instruction camp. This program will teach teamwork and core Bible values used in sports. Mega Sports Camp will challenge kids in their sport of choice and in life. The cost of this camp will be $20, and your kids will receive a Team Shirt, a Water Bottle, and an Award. Please register before July 15th to guarantee a Team Shirt. (There are needs based scholarships available. Minimum $5 deposit to register.) When registering, please be sure to register all attendees before making a payment. Families of 3 or more will receive a discount when registering all children at the same time.

We are excited to announce that some of our coaches are current and former Sioux Falls Storm, Olympic Athletes, or Local Varsity Players.

There are six sport choices for elementary children...

  • Flag Football (Boys & Girls - ages 6 - 11) (bring a football - sized appropriately)

  • Soccer (Boys & Girls - ages 6 - 11) (bring a soccer ball - sized appropriately)

  • Basket Ball (Boys & Girls - ages 6 -11) (bring a basketball - sized appropriately)

  • Volley Ball (Boys & Girls - ages 9-11) (bring a volley ball)

  • Karate (Boys & Girls 0 ages 6-11)

  • Cheerleading (Boys & Girls - ages 6 - 11)

Preschool children will participate in Sports Basics (Boys & Girls - ages 3-5)

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